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The investment company

Trytoniex blockchain investment

About Service

We are the Investment Cryptocurrency Fund, which invests in promising CryptoCurrency markets such as trading on the crypto-currency market, using computer strategies and algorithmic trading strategies to maximize revenue and minimize risk.


Our portfolios include promising blockchain directions, and we develop our solutions for the market, with subsequent monetization and the receipt of dividends. We have developed a promising algorithmic system for intellectual risk management, as well as the development of promising strategies for investing in capital.

At the moment, our portfolios consist of well-proven directions, which bring stable dividends to our investors. We created a stable financial model, an insurance fund and a well-functioning infrastructure that works under the guidance of professionals.

  1. Professional trading (it occupies 15% of our portfolio)
  2. Cryptocurency Exchange (occupies 30% in our portfolio)
  3. Industrial Mining (occupies 30% of our portfolio)
  4. Investing in prospective ICO's
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Cryptocurency exchange



A secure and confidential service that uses modern and reliable methods to protect information and data that is stored and processed on our servers


Our portfolios are formed from promising tools that our analysts together with the intellectual system constantly supplement and optimize, for the stable and long-term work of the fund

Partners Program

We have developed a unique and flexible partner program that allows you to receive dividends from the capital invested by your partners. We can easily manage your network to optimize and increase revenue


Our specialists provide timely technical and consulting support for our clients during working hours, and for VIP clients at any convenient time for the client. Service for our customers is available 24/7


Our service pays a guaranteed quarterly bonus for all investors of our investors, whose investment capital is over 5000 USD. For vip customers bonus dividends are higher by 1 - 3%

High Profit

Our service steadily brings profit to its investors, and the average return on investment is ~ 10% per month, for vip customers the percentage of income can be higher. Our portfolio is formed and optimized constantly, therefore we are sure that we will be able to generate income for our investors for many years


INVEST (milllion $)







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Coming soon

Mobile Aplication

Acept Credit Cards

In the future, we plan to add the possibility of replenishment and withdrawal of funds for credit cards.

Cryptocurency exchange

Built-in platform for exchange operations at a favorable exchange rate and conversion of crypto currency.

P2P Exchange

The ability to exchange p2p crypto currency between users of the system, as well as transfer of funds

Trust managment

Possibility of trust management of investment portfolios of other users, as well as adding their own investment portfolio

Smart contract of investment

The built-in system of smart contracts, for the purchase, transfer and exchange of investment tokens, to enhance transparency and automate investment

Issue of credit cards

Issue your own personal cards for our customers, with the possibility of replenishment and withdrawal of funds with a minimum commission


Built-in analytics system, to evaluate and improve the efficiency of the investment portfolio


Communication platform, for the possibility of communication between investors and managers of investment capital, increasing confidentiality, as well as convenience